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Holiday Shopping Guide 2012

"There's No Place Like Field's,"
But Some of These Capture a Little of Its Spirit.

An Incomplete List
Compiled by S.B. & Friends at FieldsFansChicago.org

Alternative Retailers | Books of Potential Interest

Vote for the restoration of Marshall Field's! Every dollar you spend at these stores is like a vote for the return of Marshall Field's. Shop these stores instead of Macy's and Bloomingdale's and in the process, help send the message that Marshall Field's should be brought back.

As of early December 2012, we have distributed over 160,000 leaflets that remind you that every dollar you spend at Macy's and Bloomingdale's is like a vote against bringing back Marshall Field's. Every dollar you spend at the likes of C.D. Peacock, Von Maur, Carson Pirie Scott, Crate & Barrel, Garrett Popcorn, Nordstrom, Sears or any other Chicagoland store sends a message to Macy's that it must bring back Marshall Field's. Please remind your family and friends to help by boycotting Macy's and Bloomingdale's. Please remind your family and friends that under no circuumstances would you ever want a gift from Macy's or Bloomingdale's. And if you DO receive a Macy's or Bloomingdale's gift card, do see that they are spent so that Macy's doesn't get to keep the money. Buying clearance merchandise or items related to Marshall Field's (like a book on Field's) keeps Macy's profits to a minimum.

There’s no place like Marshall Field’s, but the following is a very brief and incomplete list of some options you have until Marshall Field's is restored in service and quality as well as name.


Key to symbols:

C - Store or brand with CHICAGO roots or association.
S - Store based out of town but has with certain key qualities in the SPIRIT OF FIELD'S.
- ALTERNATE LOCATION for shops that were inside Marshall Field's prior to Fall 2006, but then became victims of the conversion to Macy's. Please support these businesses at their non-Macy's locations.

Carson Pirie Scott & Co
C | S
Once Marshall Field’s neighbor on State Street, the store is now owned by out-of-town parent company Bon-Ton Stores co-based in York, PA and Milwaukee. Nevertheless, with the loss of Field's, Carson Pirie Scott still says "Chicago" like no other department store.  It has over 30 locations across Chicagoland including a women’s store near Union Station.

C.D. Peacock Jewelers
C.D. Peacock has been "Chicago's Jeweler since 1837". As they are proud to point out on their billboards and in their advertisements, even Mr. Marshall Field shopped at C.D. Peacock in the 1800s. Locations on Michigan Avenue at North Bridge and in the suburbs.

Crate & Barrel
Founded in Chicago, now based in north suburban Northbrook, Crate & Barrel’s is internationally known for the way it displays its high quality furniture and housewares throughout the store.

Garrett’s Popcorn
A tradition since 1949 Garrett’s is Chicago’s favorite popcorn shop.  Family- and Chicago-owned since its beginnings.

Hart Marx Menswear

Local Hart Marx made many of Marshall Field's great suits right here in the Chicago area. Even the President prefers Hart Schaffner Marx. Chicagoland Nordstrom and Von Maur department stores and other independent suiteries now offer these fine suits and other menswear items. Check their website for locations where you can buy Hart Marx menswear in the Chicago.

Lord & Taylor
Marshall Field's was the first modern department store but Lord and Taylor traces it's roots back even farther when it was a different kind of business. Lord and Taylor has a good selection of better clothing and home goods that are similar to Field's, albeit a subset of what Field's offered. Lord and Taylor (as well as its credit cards) are no longer connnected with Macy's, Inc.

Merz Apothecary

Merz has moved its Loop location out of the Macy's located at 111 North State in the Marshall Field's Department Store Building. They are now located on East Monroe Street, next to the main entrance of the Palmer House Hilton Hotel. Their other (flagship) location is at 4716 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Nieman Marcus
For those who want the best in service and merchandise Nieman Marcus is the place.  In 2007 NM celebrated 100 years.

Known for service rivaling Field's, Nordstrom especially focusses on high-quality men’s and women’s fashions.

Room & Board
High-end furniture and home accessories, Room & Board has three Chicagoland locations including a 46,000 sq ft flagship near Michigan Ave.

Saks Fifth Avenue
The quintessential New York department store offers high-end fashions for men and women.

Founded in Chicago, now based in northwest suburban Hoffman Estates, Sears offers mid-priced basics for the family. After an 18-year absense, Sears opened a State Street location in 2001.

Ulta Beauty
Upon the recent grand opening of its new State Street flagship, the CEO of Chicagoland-based Ulta Beauty said she and her company aspire to meet the standards set by Marshall Field's.

Von Maur
Newer to the Chicago market, many generations of Iowans have shopperd Von Maur which offers a no-interest credit card, free gift wrapping, and free alterations. Service that rivals that of Marshall Field's.

Various Books with content concerning Marshall Field's and Chicago.
There are hundred of great books with a focus on, or at least a reference to Marshall Field's that make great gifts, among them:

Marshall Field's: The Store That Helped Build Chicago by Gayle Soucek. This new book is selling very well. A short but comprehensive survey of the entire history of Marshall Field's, it covers its founding with Palmer, Leiter and Field all the way to it's loss to Macy's in 2006 to current efforts to restore Marshall Field's on State. The book was, of course, the focus of a post-rally event for Field's this past September 12. It can be purchased online from several Borders Chicagoland locations including State & Randolph, Oak Park, and Evanston, among others. It can also be purchased at Barnes & Noble on State Street in DePaul Center and some other locations. Finally, Barbara's Books located on the Lower Level of the Macy's located at 111 N. State St, The Marshall Field's Department Store Building, is selling the book. Please join Ms. Soucek this Noon, Tuesday, December 14 as she signs copies of the book and and answers questions. For more information on this book, see the web site of The History Press, http://www.HistoryPress.NET.

Marshall Field's Food and Fashion: A Chicago Tradition and Hotels and Hospitality: A Chicago Tradition by Joan Greene. Two must-have books that cover Field's and Chicago from the 1800s to the 2000s. These two books can be purchased at the Chicago Public Library Cultural Center and the Chicago Architectural Foundation shop. Internet purchases are also available—please email Info@FieldsFansChicago.org for details.

Remembering Marshall Field's (Arcadia) by Chicago-based author Leslie Goddard features more than a few wonderful and rare images of what was the world's first modern department store.  The Book Stall in Winnetka and Centuries and Sleuths in River Forest are two Chicagoland bookstores that sell the book. You can also obtain it through Amazon.com

Chicago's Classic Restaurants (Past, Present and Future) (Chicago's Books Press) by Neal Samors, Eric Bronsky and others is an all-encompassing overview of Chicago restaurant history that also nods to the future, just as we do at FieldsFansChicago.org. Several pages are devote to the Marhall Field and Company's Walnut Room and Men's Grill. The book has been out for just two weeks and is already doing well at Chicagoland booksellers BN.com and Amazon.com

Marshall Field's (A Building Book) by Jay Pridmore. The perfect complement to Joan Greene's Marshall Field's Food and Fashion, this book may be purchaed at the Chicago Architectural Foundation on Michigan Avenue as well as many bookstores throughout Chicagoland.

Christmas on State Street: 1940s and Beyond, by Robert P. Ledermann.
Perfect for any generation of Chicagoan. At ArcadiaBooks.com and many bookstores throughout Chicagoland.

Downtown Chicago in Transition and The Rise of the Magnificant Mile, by Eric Bronsky & Neal Samors
Two acclaimed books that take a conprehensive look at the evolution of two internationally known retail districts. At ChicagosBooks.com and many bookstores throughout Chicagoland.

The following book are not directly about Marshall Field's, but have been of keen interest to more than a few Field's Fans in the past year.

Darlene Quinn has written a series of books that tell the story of corporate consolidation in the retail industry-- often for the sake of greed and ambition. Based on her real-life experiences as part of the management team at the once glorious Bullocks Wilshire where current Macy's CEO/Chairman/President Terry Lundgren once worked, Quinn calls Webs of Power, Twisted Webs, and Webs of Fate "more FACTion than Fiction." Surely these book will give you insight into the corporate mindset that eventually progressed to the loss of Marshall Field's to Macy's. Of special note to Field's loyalists is a nod in Twisted Webs to our quest to bring back Marshall Field's.Webs of Power, Twisted Webs and Webs of Fate can be purchased at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, bn.com and many other book stores. COMING SPRING 2013! Look for a fourth book in the series, set in Chicago and inspired by Macy's takeover of Marshall Field's. Check her web sites for more information and other purchasing options. Web site & Book Intro: www.darlenequinn.net.

NEW! Katya And Cyrus Time Pilgrims by Dennis Higgins. This is an engaging sci-fi book set in the future where Marshall Field's has been restored to Chicago. It can be purchased through Amazon, Whiskey Creek Press and as a nook book from bn.com

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