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ally for Marshall Field's,
Rally for Chicago

1:00 PM, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2009

Under the Marshall Field's Great Clock at

Just an hour of your time
to stand up for our beloved international city and
also help bring back the institution that brought us 154 great years


In the coming weeks, we mark three years since Chicago's Chicago's international retail, fashion, cultural, historical, architectural and culinary icon, Marshall Field's, was converted to another Macy's store. 

While something was lost--at least temporarily--on that sad day in Chicago history, something was also ignited--a heightened sense of civic pride in our great, international city, Chicago, and a sense of service and involvement in our community.

That heightened pride has spread to other movements--some of which you may or may not support--as those who have partaken in the activities of ItsTheSearsTower.com, KeepItWrigley.org, SaveGrantPark.org, and others have all cited the activities of FieldsFansChicago.org as a source of inspiration.

Others have written saying that participating in a rally for Marshall Field's was the first time you have ever done something like that. As a result, you have since been motivated to take a more active role in local or national politics (especially during the 2008 campaign season) or have expanded your volunteer activities to help the poor, those with disabilities, local schools and libraries, community preservation efforts, and those who quite simply are struggling and are less fortunate.

Considering all that, we have already had success. What was started by us all on State Street three years ago was the beginning of something much bigger and more diverse than was thought of at the time. 

But still, we return to the original reason we all came together 36 months ago: pride in Chicago and love for perhaps its greatest institution and icon, Marshall Field's.

So . . . there are those who may ask if it's possible: Can Marshall Field's come back? How are we making a difference?

The answer is YES!

Consider that there are those--more than a few--who say had we not continued our efforts, the State Street store would have fallen into a steep and quick decline. Instead we have challenged Macy's to attempt to match the apex, Marshall Field's.

Consider that an overwhelming 78% of over 500 recently surveyed State Street and Michigan Avenue shoppers said that they STILL want Marshall Field's over Macy's and would shop at State Street and other locations if Field's was restored in service, style and name. Your active participation in FieldsFansChicago.org activities means that people still have a voice in declaring that Field's can and should come back.

Consider that interest in FieldsFansChicago.org has spiked and has been sustained, especially after the renaming of the Sears Tower last month with more than a few news stories covering how Chicago still wants its Marshall Field's. Regardless of your position on the re-naming of the Sears Tower or Wrigley Field or building in Grant Park or the corporate acquisitions of other Chicago-area businesses, know that all you have done for the return of Marshall Field's has inspired others to also stand up for their piece of Chicago history.

Consider that in this climate, large corporations can change again. For example, regardless of how you feel about the past year's changes at the Chicago Tribune, the fact is that it will soon have a new owner yet again for the second time in two years. Anything can happen in corporate America. What seemed like a good idea two or three years ago can suddenly change.

Consider that after three years and many millions of dollars spent, Macy's has yet to prove itself a success at State Street.

Consider that while the economy is struggling, people are making exceptions and still standing in line for hours to spend their for must-have, out-of-the-ordinary items or experiences. Just a few examples include the likes of the newest Apple iPhone, Chevy Camarro or special performances and concerts like the first Chicago Symphony Concerts conducted by Riccardo Muti or even Elton John and Billy Joel or Miley Cyrus.

Consider what "Zelda" wrote in our last newsletter:

Now is the time for the restoration of Field's. It would absolutely warm Chicago's heart, and people
would turn out in droves to shop there. If anything would get people to spend again, it would be such
a turnaround. Lord knows we could use a sign to reassure us that all will be well again. That's what
Marshall Field's stood for, if you think about it. In good times and bad, it was a gentle reminder of
the good life. A fine store was a reminder of tradition and quality, even in the Great Depression. 
We need Field's more than ever.

We hope that you will be able to give just an hour of your time on Sunday afternoon, September 13, 2009 at 1:00 pm, to join us on State Street in rallying for our great institution, Marshall Field's, and our great city, Chicago.

Mark the date and time!


...and bring friends and family!

  • Field's supporters should start gathering at 12:40 pm
    Under the Great Marshall Field's Clock at
    State & Washington Streets.

  • Wear your "Marshall Field's Best" or something
    dark green (please, no profane t-shirts).

  • Bring signs and placards with Marshall Field's slogans.

  • A limited number of additional signs will be available at the protest.

  • Carry a Marshall Field's Shopping Bag.

  • Carry a City of Chicago Flag.

  • Please be peaceable and dignified in the spirit of Marshall Field's.

  • Please be careful not to obstruct the doors to the store.

  • Please do not stand in or block the street.

  • Please stand at least 3 feet away from the building at all times.

  • Check http://www.FieldsFansChicago.org, our Facebook Group,
    our Twitter crawl and your Email box for last minute news and bulletins.




Participants in our Sunday, September 13 rally will have the opportunity to receive a free 4" X 6" City of Chicago flag and 2" diameter "I Want My Marshall Field's" button. 

Buttons and flags will be distributed to those at the rally until all are given out. If you wish to be guaranteed a button and flag for display at the rally, please email us in advance at ButtonsATFieldsFansChicago.org.

"Must Listening"

The July 20 podcast edition of Chicagoist.com features a 37-minute segment on FieldsFansChicago.org and ItsTheSearsTower.com. The first 22 minutes or so are devoted to FieldsFansChicago.org and focus on current status of Field's, Macy's and our grass roots efforts.

We encourage you to listen to this comprehensive and inspiring interview. Please visit http://media.libsyn.com/media/karlklockars/Chicagoist_Podcast_July_20.mp3 in your web browser or via iTunes. In iTunes, please use the "Advanced/Open Audio Stream..." command and paste in the full web address.

Our Recent Survey on State St. & Michigan Ave.:

As first reported to you in our press release emailed on May 15, 2009, our recently completed survey of 522 State Street and Michigan Avenue shoppers showed that 78% preferred Marshall Field's over Macy's; 72% said that they shop at the stores less (or not at all) since they were converted to Macy's; and 78% said that they would shop the stores more if they were converted back to Marshall Field's. The margin of error was 4.23% with a confidence level of 95%.

Expanded details can be viewed at http://www.fieldsfanschicago.org

The results of this survey were presented to Macy's, Inc. CEO, Chairman, and President Terry Lundgren and Macy's, Inc.'s Board of Directors during the "Q & A" session after the conclusion annual shareholders meeting in Cincinnati on Friday, May 15, 2009.

STAY IN TOUCH VIA THE FieldsFansChicago.org BLOG

The FieldsFansChicago.org blog is a place for Field's Fans to talk about Marshall Field's and what it means to them. Stop on by to share thoughts, comments, news and rumors. The URL is http://www.fieldsfanschicago.org/blog


Back in 2006, Facebook was known mostly to college students and faculty. Even then, dozens of student-run Facebook groups in support of Marshall Field's (not to mention Dayton's and Hudson's) sprang up among the youth and played a big part in our activities.

Today, Facebook has become a mainstream phenomenon. While some of those pro-Field's groups remain, we hope all Facebook users will join our newly founded Facebook "umbrella" group--"FieldsFansChicago.org"-- in support of the return of Marshall Field's.

Search for FieldsFansChicago.org on Facebook and add us as a group. And, be sure to "Invite people to join."


Get up-to-the-minute news and photos about our grassroots group on Twitter. 

Follow us at "FieldsFansChgo" (Please note that "Chicago" is abbreviated in our name.)

"Find out what we are doing right now!"


In these tough times we acknowledge that there are many causes deserving of your support. If you are so moved, we welcome your assistance in offsetting some of the expenses of our ongoing leaflet and button distributions, as well as other activities in support of Field's.

We are totally committed to continuing our efforts. People have come forward in amazing ways to help, donating leaflets, pin-on buttons, bumper stickers, advertising and more.

Thank you for your help so we can continue to inspire others to support the return of Marshall Field's.

If you can donate, please email donate@fieldsfanschicago.org as to how and where to send a check. Alternatively, PayPal contributions are accepted at donate@fieldsfanschicago.org

All contributions are solely channeled to offset our activities.

Thank you for your amazing support!


A very special "thank you" to all who helped make our ongoing campaigns, events and efforts a success including but not limited to Daniel, Alfred and, of course, Gloria. All named and unnamed are our heroes!

Please remember that your efforts to help bring back Marshall Field's are greatly appreciated, respected, and admired. Your work is already making a difference, putting the brakes on Macy's disregard for Marshall Field's and what it means to Chicago. Spread the word. You are helping to make history.

All of our efforts will make the return to greatness come true.

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