The Second Annual Looptopia 2008 on State Street:
Those Wearing "Forever Marshall Field's" Pin-on Buttons
Outnumber Those Carrying Macy's Bags 7 to 1

(CHICAGO, May 5, 2008) This past Friday and Saturday, Chicago held its second annual Looptopia. A dusk-'til-dawn all-nighter comparable to Paris' and other European cities' "White Night", hundreds of thousands—especially "the younger crowd"—flooded the Loop for a uniquely Chicago cultural experience. And for more than six hours, greeted "Looptopians" under the Great Marshall Field Clock at State and Washington.

Despite Macy's claims that their store is more appealing to young customers than Field's, the response to during Looptopia demonstrated quite the ooposite. Attendees reacted with great enthusiasm as they snapped up almost 2,000 "Forever Marshall Field's" pin-on buttons and almost as many leaflets explaining why Chicago's Marshall Field's must return. And Field's supporters wore buttons on State Street in the greatest numbers yet. counted over seven times more people wearing "Forever Marshall Field's" pin-on buttons than those carrying Macy's shopping bags!

The overwhelming reaction from Chicago's young adults? Clearly they want their Marshall Field's! (Not Macy's!)

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