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Our Annual September Event
1:00 pm, September 28, 2013


Amy Meadows

Amy Meadows

"Amy Meadows, former director of Windows and Marketing Events for Marshall Field's and Macy's, provides a sneak peek into the design and execution of the famed animated windows, Main Aisle decor and the Great Tree.  This slide presentation includes archival images, contemporary photos and memorabilia."

Seating is very limited. Please reserve your place as soon as possible by telephoning 312.662.8980.

The location will be steps away from the historic Marshall Field and Company Department Store Building.  

There is no charge for this event, although donations are welcomed at the event.  

Further questions?  Email info at fieldsfanschicago.org.

INTO THE 21st CENTURY,  Marshall Field and Company was revered internationally as a world-class emporium and uniquely-Chicago cultural institution.  All of this was possible thanks to the amazingly talented and dedicated geniuses who made sure that "There is no place like Marshall Field's."

This presentation is the first in an ongoing series of events showcasing and paying tribute to those who are the contemporary Marshall Fields, Harry Selfridges and John Shedds in our midst.

We look forward to celebrating the amazing people who brought so much sheer joy to millions of us.  Please join us on Saturday, September 28th.

PLEASE NOTE: After the event, Field's supporters are welcomed to rally for a few minutes under The Great Clock at State & Washington. Details will be announced after the event.

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