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Join tens of thousands of Chicagoans who are wearing "Forever Marshall Field's," "Time to Bring Back Marshall Field's, and now "Selfridges Come Home To Chicago" pin-on buttons! They're FREE, although in some cases, there is a cost-recovery for postage and packaging. (Of course, you can help us continue our button program by making a donation--please see below.)

Quantities are limited.

To get a free button or two:

  1. Send an email message to
  2. Include a sentence or two of what Marshall Field's means to you. (Your comments may be posted to our blog. (Your comments will be posted under your initials rather than full name unless your request otherwise.)
  3. Indicate which design you would like--or both:
    • "Time to Bring Back Marshall Field's," or
    • "Selfridges Come Home To Chicago: The DNA of Marshall Field's."
  4. Depending if you are located in Chicagoland or elsewhere, we will give you your buttons via one of three methods: 1) at an agreed time under the Great Clock at State/Washington; 2) delivered to an address of your choosing; --OR-- 3) via USPS with requests accompanies by packaging and postage or Pay Pal donation of $3 for USPS postage and handling for 1 to 3 buttons. Our most popular areas for free delivery are limited parts of Chicagoland; Metro Detroit; Twin Cities, Minnesota; parts of California; and the NYC Tristate region.

Be sure to wear it everywhere! Or at least give it to some one else who will wear it on the behalf of you and the return of Marshall Field's! That's how we can get the message out that Marshall Field's can and must come back! Thank you!


Allow us to continue our leaflet and button distribution program. Paypal donations to allow us to continue our program and speed up delivery. Help by reimbursing us for postage and handling or volunteer to pay for several buttons or even a batch of leaflets and buttons. Please email if you would like help. We can't do this without your help! Thank you!

An extremely limited number of bumper stickers in white and highway sign green are available for free with no charge for shipping and handling to USPS addresses. Marshall Field's green bumper stickers are currently unavailable. Lapel Stickers are no longer available.

Thanks to "gle" and others, and most especially of all, Gail, Alfred, Steve & Mary, John, A, Zelda, Pat, and never forgetting Doris, over 150,000 lapel stickers and pin-on buttons that say "Time to Bring Back Marshall Field's","I Want My Marshall Field's", "Keep It Marshall Field's", "Forever Marshall Field's", and "Forever Marshall Field's & Chicago" have been distributed to Field's Fans worldwide.

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