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May 2011:


4 of 5 Chicago Shoppers Want Marshall Field's

(CHICAGO--May 23, 2011)

FieldsFansChicago.org Annual Survey Results
Five Years Later, Survey Shows Overwhelming Demand for Marshall Field’s Holding Steady: Four Out of Five Chicago Shoppers Still Prefer Marshall Field’s Over Macy’s

Contact:  Jim McKay, Co-Organizer, FieldsFansChicago.org
Email: jjmckay@FieldsFansChicago.org

The latest survey of North Michigan Avenue and State Street shoppers completed in the past six weeks indicates that 79% still want Marshall Field’s instead of Macy’s.  Comparable surveys administered in 2009 and 2010 showed that 78% and 81% (respectively) preferred Marshall Field’s to Macy’s.  As such, there has been no statistically significant change in the overwhelming preference of four out of five shoppers for Marshall Field’s.

The results were presented to Macy’s, Inc. CEO, President and Chairman, Terry Lundgren, and Macy’s Board of Directors by a representative of the grassroots group FieldsFansChicago.org immediately after the Macy’s, Inc. shareholders meeting held in Cincinnati, OH Friday, May 20, 2011.

The survey of 830 shoppers was conducted anonymously by the grassroots organization FieldsFansChicago.org.  Participants responded to three questions regarding their shopping habits at the Chicago store that was Marshall Field’s until 2006 when it was converted to Macy’s.  Participants’ brief comments while answering the survey questions were also noted.

The results from three survey questions are given below.  Survey results from 2009 and 2010 shoppers are shown in parenthesis.  This year’s survey had a margin of error of 3.33% ( < 5.0%), with a confidence level of 95% and a response distribution of 50%.

*  Do you prefer Marshall Field's, Macy's or both about the same? (830 responses)

79.0% preferred Marshall Field's (2009: 78.0% / 2010: 80.8%)
12.5% preferred Macy's (2009: 12.6% / 2010: 12.7%)
8.4% preferred both equally (2009: 9.4% / 2010: 6.5%)

*  Do you shop at the store more, less or about the same since the store became Macy's? (829 responses)

7.8% said that they shop more (2009: 8.6% / 2010: 6.7%)
72.5% said that they shop less (2009: 72.2% / 2010: 71.5%)
19.7% said that they shop with the same frequency as before (2009: 19.2% / 2010: 21.7%)

*  Would you shop at the store more, less or about the same if the store was converted back to Marshall Field's from Macy's? (827 responses)

78.2% said that they would shop more (2009: 78.3% / 2010: 77.1%)
3.1% said that they would shop less (2009: 2.9% / 2010: 4.7%)
18.6%  would shop with the same frequency as they do now (2009: 18.8% / 2010: 18.1%)

The survey results were presented to Mr. Lundgren by FieldsFansChicago.org representative and Macy’s shareholder Jim McKay.  Based on these results, McKay called on Macy’s, Inc. to use the immense talents and resources of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s to restore Marshall Field’s internationally recognized name and way of doing business to the legendary State Street flagship.  McKay pointed to several other overwhelmingly successful precedents, most notably those of Nieman Marcus’s single Bergdorf Goodman flagship and especially The Drake and Palmer House hotels in Chicago.  The Drake and Palmer House have returned maximum profits and results by retaining their internationally recognized names, identities and style of doing business all while still being main-line Hilton-branded hotels.  McKay’s closing point was that restoring Marshall Field’s to the State Street flagship would be the logical and ultimate realization of the “My Macy’s” “localization” strategy that would please four out of five Chicago shoppers.  Mr. Lundgren responded that Chicago is a very important and valued market for his company citing recent remodeling work at the Water Tower location as an example.

Started in 2005, FieldsFansChicago.org is a grassroots organization that has staged rallies, letter-writing campaigns and other activities with the goal of restoring Chicago’s iconic and internationally renowned destination--Marshall Field's--in quality and service, as well as name, to State Street.  Its activities have included distributing more than 150,000 leaflets and pin-on buttons and media coverage at the local, national and international levels.


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